Projects – Let’s Grow Together

Things are certainly looking good at Timberline these days! We have completed many significant upgrades to the property, and there are still more in the planning stages.

The past 12 years have been busy with re-building old infrastructure and improving most of our facilities. We are now finally working on Phase IV, which includes a gymnasium that has been planned and re-planned for several decades! See below for some specifics of what has been completed, as well as current and possible future plans.

We want to extend a big Thank You to all of our private and corporate donors, who have each played an important role in these projects.

If you are able to help in any way, please let us know by emailing the Executive Director, Craig Douglas.

Phase I (2008-2011)

Western Town

  • Upgrade 144th Avenue (completed in 2008).
    • Raised 4 feet, now above floodplain
  • Install sprinkler system in Lodge (completed)
    • All three floors, to bring building back up to code
  • Install Sewer System (completed)
    • Four tanks for present and future capacity
    • Over 2 km to connect with the city
  • Build Powerhouse (completed)
    • Contains sewer system, generator, electrical systems, water systems, etc.
    • Built to look like a country church
  • Upgrade Power from Road (completed)
    • New transformer boxes throughout the Ranch
    • Power lines put underground
  • Build Western Town (completed in 2011)
    • Replaces old Bunkhouse with 6 new dividable cabins
    • Units contain bathrooms, sinks, and showers
    • See floor plans
  • Celebrate 50th Anniversary! (completed in 2011)
Phase II (2012-2014)


  • Renovate Poolside Cabins (completed in 2012)
    • Bathrooms, sinks, and showers added to all 9 cabins
    • Cabins re-roofed and re-sided
    • See floor plans
  • Build playground (completed in 2013).
    • Play structure and swings, east of Lodge
  • Build Town Hall (completed in 2014)
    • Dividable 60′ x 40′ meeting room
    • Craft room
    • Tuck shop
    • Bathrooms
    • Staff laundry room
    • See floor plans
Phase III (2015-2018)

Horseman Inn

  • Build Horseman Inn (completed in 2018)
    • 3 new cabins (bringing total to 18) with bathrooms, sinks, and showers
    • Small meeting room with bathroom
    • See floor plans.
  • Build Zip Line (completed 2018)
    • 400′, twin lines
Phase IV (est. 2019-2022)
  • Renovate Upstairs Lodge (2020-21)
  • Celebrate 60th Anniversary! (2021)
    • May be delayed, due to COVID-19
  • Build Horse Shelter (to be completed in Spring 2021)
    • 75′ x 105′ “Quonset” structure
  • Build Gymnasium (to be completed in 2021-22)
    • 50′ x 80′ gym
    • Climbing wall
    • Bouldering area
    • Washrooms
    • Small meeting area
Future Projects (delayed due to COVID-19)
  • Build High Ropes Course (TBD)
    • Connecting to existing zip line
  • Extend Dining Hall (TBD)
    • Adding 1000 square feet to the north of the east side
Future Wish List Projects (given the time and the money)
  • Build Infirmary
  • Build Staff Housing & Speaker Cabin
  • Build Outdoor Sports Court
  • Build Mini-Golf
  • Build Lake

How Can I Help?

We very rarely run fundraising events, yet we have been so blessed over the years by people and businesses who voluntarily help out and provide much needed financial support.

Timberline is a charitable organization, hosting over 10,000 children and their families every year. If you would like to be part of this team as we reach out to our community, please let us know. Donations can also be given online, and all gifts are tax-receiptable.

Thank you for your support of Timberline Ranch!