Positions Available

Timberline Ranch has many opportunities available for both paid and volunteer staff. Our desire is to allow people to use their gifts and abilities to serve God in the ways they are most suited, while also providing people a place to train and develop.

For all positions, including volunteer, the following items will be required:

Year-Round Positions

Our year-round team generally includes about 11-12 staff members, in the areas of Barn, Maintenance, Food Services, Office, and Program.

The following links provide information about the current full-time positions available:

Seasonal Positions

Each spring and fall we hire staff as needed, primarily in the areas of Kitchen and Barn. These positions tend to start at a little over minimum wage, but also include certain meals and numerous other perks. Housing for singles is usually available as well, at only $50.00 per week.

Spring positions generally start during April (dates vary), and fall positions generally begin shortly after Labour Day. Spring workers are often invited to continue through the summer and into the fall season.

Applications for the Spring season are due by February 28, and Fall applications are due by August 15.

Summer Positions

The summer season is incredibly busy, with 120 overnight campers each week, 20 day campers most weeks, plus 70-75 staff and volunteers. We begin each week on Sunday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. with a staff meeting, and we end with another meeting each Friday evening at about 7:30 p.m. (once clean-up is done).

There are numerous types of summer positions:

Staff who are in any of the positions listed above may be involved in:

  • Camp Counseling (i.e. leading a cabin of campers)
  • Kitchen
  • Barn
  • Maintenance
  • Skills
  • Day Camp Leading
  • Lifeguarding
  • Video

Specific positions we often hire for include:

  • Skills Coordinator
  • Day Camp Coordinator
  • Assistant Day Camp Coordinator
  • Head Counselor
  • Media Coordinator (audio and video)
  • Lifeguard
Volunteer Positions

We are always looking for people who have a passion to serve God and who care about children. Volunteer positions include:

  • Hosting
    • Mature individuals or couples who can help guest groups, especially on weekends
  • Maintenance
    • Mowing lawns, repairing things or vehicles, painting, cleaning, etc.
  • Kitchen
    • Preparing food, cleaning, cooking, dishes, and so on
    • Washing dishes
  • Barn
    • Cleaning stalls, horse care, feeding, leading trail rides (requires extensive experience and in-house testing)
  • Skills
    • Leading activities, such as archery, challenge course, skateboarding, rock climbing, etc.
  • Office
    • Helping with basic administrative tasks, mailings, and so on


For more information about any of these positions, or to find out how you can be involved, please email our Assistant Director, Dobson Reid, at dobby@timberlineranch.com.