Staff Team

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Year-Round Staff

Craig Douglas


Executive Director

604-463-9278 ext. 120

"Strider" has been the Director at Timberline Ranch since 2005 and has over 35 years of camp and youth work experience (which is hard to believe, given that he is only 25 years old). He loves traveling, hiking, writing, reading, playing guitar, and adventuring with his family. He is the author of a camp leadership training book, Pillow Fights & Sleepless Nights. He lives onsite with his wife "Lego" and has two adult kids – "Dash" & "Violet." He holds a Masters in Theological Studies (Northwest Baptist/ACTS) and is passionate about teaching and training the next generation. He loves seafood and 80s rock and pop.
Dobson Reid


Assistant Director

604-463-9278 ext. 103

"Hobbes" has been with Timberline since 2009 and is integral to all aspects of staffing. He is married to Cindi, has four children, and commutes from Mission. He was previously a youth pastor in Saskatchewan and a construction worker, and he holds a Masters of Christian Studies from Regent College. His hobbies include golfing, hiking, reading, and playing guitar, and he loves to visit the Oregon Coast whenever possible. His favorite animated character is Homer Simpson (must be the donuts), and his favorite movie is The Princess Bride, which we find entirely "inconceivable."
Megan Dalman


Office Manager

604-463-9278 ext. 101

"Jade" has served as Office Manager since 2005 and came as a camper and seasonal staff long before then. She is happy to provide the "behind the scenes magic" that enables others to enjoy Timberline like she always has. She met her husband Andrew at Timberline, and they have one daughter. Her interests include baking, reading, walking, family time, and snorkeling, especially in Maui! Megan grew up on the Sunshine Coast, went to Vancouver for school, and ended up working at the Sutton Place Hotel. She thoroughly enjoys the Chronicles of Narnia and wishes she had a magical wardrobe. Without Megan, nobody would know what was going on most of the time.
Doug McDougall


Property Manager

604-463-9278 ext. 107

"Loch" has been keeping Timberline beautiful and in good repair since 2017. He has a background in all sorts of construction and renovations. He and his wife "Ness" live at the Ranch, and they have three adult children who have all served at Timberline in numerous ways over the years. In fact, they came as a family to volunteer long before the idea of working here and getting paid was even considered. Well, they sure more than earn their keep now! Whatever needs to be done, Loch is there before most people even know it's a problem, and Ness also helps out wherever help is needed. We are so thankful for them.
Anuschka de la Court


Food Services Manager

604-463-9278 ext. 106

"Sage" has been cooking up a storm at Timberline since 2016, and we probably have our current waistlines to blame on her! She has a background in finances and a gardening business. She has her own petting zoo at home, including two dogs and a "fat cat," where she lives with her husband Rene. They also have two daughters – one married and one almost-married. She loves to paint, read, bake, and go on traveling adventures. She is especially passionate about showing God's love to kids and women. Anuschka has a Russian first name, a French last name, and speaks Dutch. Hopefully she'll sort that all out and just keep cooking great meals.
Grady Oxenbury


Program Manager

604-463-9278 ext. 104

"Hupp" has served full-time since 2014, though he worked seasonally and as a volunteer for twelve years before that and was a camper for seven years before that! He lives with his wife, daughter, and Fitz . . . their cat. He previously worked at a tool store, doing graphic design and videography. He also is our tech guy, which is super important, since most of us fail in that area. He loves building, creating, and playing board games. He loves to work in a place where he can make a difference in the lives of so many young people. His favorite place to travel is Maui, and his favorite animated character is Sven from Frozen.
Lorraine Hoskyn


Barn Manager

604-463-9278 ext. 109

There is much more to be said about "Nik" than can possibly be written here! She has served at Timberline in one capacity or another since about 1971! She is passionate about helping people and horses become the best they can be, learn new things, and overcome their fears. She is married to our bookkeeper (and former director) "Chips" (who she met at Timberline), and they have two adult sons and a Golden Retriever. Nik is a Medical First Responder and loves the movie Man from Snowy River. If you have an hour or three, ask Nik to tell you some stories. Adventure follows her wherever she goes!
Heidi Gulenchyn


Barn Manager

604-463-9278 ext. 109

"Texas" has been with us since 2018, but also worked here prior to that. She grew up in Vancouver, but being a country girl at heart, moved to Langley as soon as she had the chance! She loves being in the outdoors, reading, exploring new places with her black lab, and hanging out with her family and friends. She has a cowboy husband, and two step children (boy and girl). She's a big fan of Beauty and the Beast and thinks Belle is awesome. Her favorite travel destination (besides Texas, of course) is Costa Rica, and she is very passionate about her faith and sharing God's love with people.
Rachael Jones


Assistant Program Manager

604-463-9278 ext. 105

"Finch" has been a wonderful addition to our team, first joining us in 2020 . . . just before getting laid off due to COVID! But she's back and doing an awesome job helping staff and campers have a great time and know that they are loved. She loves water sports, hiking, baking, reading, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. She has a B.A. in Criminal Justice, which probably comes in very handy when any of us misbehave! Finch is also an avid traveler and especially has enjoyed places such as Slovenia, Ireland, Greece, Montenegro, and Japan. Her favorite animated character is the Genie from Aladdin.
Pat Fedorko



"Swiffer" has been keeping the Ranch clean and attractive since 2012, and we are so thankful for her servant's heart and gentle spirit. Whatever needs doing, she'll be there. She has two adult daughters, an adult son, four grandchildren, and a pet hamster! She grew up in East Vancouver and has a background in retail and painting. She loves the colour blue, visiting Disneyland, and Mickey Mouse, but there's nothing mickey-mouse about her work ethic or standards for cleanliness! She loves to see campers come to the Ranch and enjoy themselves, and she can hardly wait for overnight camps to start up again.
Sarah Croswell


Sous Chef

604-463-9278 ext. 106

"Emerald," or "The Snickerer of House Croswell" (which is rather long and arduous to say), has been full-time at Timberline since 2019. Her family dragged her here before that, and she loved it so much, she stayed. She has two sisters, a brother, a sister-in-law, and a nephew (proud auntie!). She is working on completing a Culinary Arts degree, so she seems to disappear from time to time. Her favorite books – quite correctly – are the Lord of the Rings and Narnia series. We like to think it is Emerald's birthday every day, since it is always a celebration to have her around. She loves movies that make her cry a little, and her favorite place to visit is Germany.

Year-Round Volunteers

Christine McDougall


Barn & Housekeeping

Teresa Carosella



Kathy Reimer



Bob Plesko



Don Groom




Jeanette Wardrope

Board Chair

Kevin deHaan

Vice Chair

Delayne Plesko


Tabrina Clelland


Kim Startup

Board Member

Jacques Viljoen

Board Member