Summer Camps

What could be better than summertime at Timberline Ranch? After a good night’s sleep in our deluxe Poolside, Western Town, and Horseman Inn cabins, kids enjoy a hearty buffet breakfast, followed by a day filled with incomparable activities that they simply don’t get to participate in anywhere else. They’ll be challenged to learn and try new things, all while making new friends and experiencing the splendor of the outdoors. And when the day fades away, they’ll be in supportive community around the campfire, reflecting on the day, and enjoying the skits, songs, and inspiration. Day campers enjoy a separate and somewhat abbreviated schedule.

A Typical Day at Summer Camp

Ever wonder what your child does all day at summer camp? The schedule below lists the typical times and activities that happen each day. Please note that times are based on a Junior Camp schedule. Middle and Teen camps will differ slightly in the evening.
Daily Schedule

8:00 Wake up and cabin clean-up
8:30 Breakfast
9:10 Morning Show*
10:15 Activity #1
11:20 Activity #2
12:30 Lunch
1:10 Siesta**
1:40 Activity #3
2:45 Activity #4
3:45 Tuck***
4:20 CYOA (“Choose Your Own Adventure” activity options)
5:30 Supper
6:15 Cabin Chill Time
6:45 Evening Game
8:00 Snack
8:15 Campfire*
9:15 Cabin time*
10:15 Lights out

Camper on slip and slide

Campers at a team-building activity

Campers playing in the swimming pool

Explanation of Activities

See Program Options page for explanation of activities.

*These activities generally include some Christian content, including Christian songs and/or basic teaching from the Bible at the campers’ level. Campers are required to be present, and they are welcome to participate as much or as little as they are comfortable. About 80% of campers are not regular attenders of a Christian church.

**Siesta is a half-hour rest time in the middle of the day, which allows campers to get out of the sun and relax for a short time in their cabin with their counselor (cabin leader).

***The tuck shop is open each afternoon for campers to get a treat such as a chocolate bar, pop, or freezie. Tuck is included in their camp fees. Please do not send money with your camper as it is not allowed at summer camp and will not be accepted in the tuck shop.