Camper’s choice: choose your program options!

Timberline Ranch wants every camper to enjoy their experience, and that’s why we’re tailoring options according to their unique tastes!


  1. Western Lessons (base+$40)
    • The most riding and horsemanship of any of our summer options.
    • Highlights include: 4 riding lessons, 2 trail rides, performing in the rodeo, plus many of the regular camp activities.
  2. Trails Galore (base+$20)
    • For those who just have to be on a horse and on the trails.
    • This option includes: 4 or 5 trail rides and the most popular of our other activities.
  3. Super Mix (base+$10)
    • For the camper who simply wants it all.
    • This option includes 3 trail rides and a fantastic variety of other options.
  4. Rocks & Ropes (base price)
    • If you love adventure, this option is geared toward you.
    • Includes: 2 trail rides and a great variety of the more lively activities, such as BMX biking, sports, and so on.
  5. Extreme Team (base price; co-ed camps only)
    • If you love the outdoors, but not so much the horses, this option will keep your blood pumping!
    • Includes: a wide variety of the most intense activities, plus a 2-3 Hour Out-Trip.
    • Please note: If there is not enough interest for Extreme Team, we will not be able to run this option and campers will be asked to move to a program option with availability.
  6. Summer Kick-Off Camps (shorter and cheaper)
    • These flexible, shorter camps are ideal for those first-time campers and families looking for a fantastic, inexpensive experience for their kids.
    • The program for these camps is the same for everyone, and includes a little bit of everything.

* Please note that these are the intended schedules of activities, but not a guarantee. Weather conditions and other circumstances may come up to require minor changes as deemed necessary.