Camper’s Choice: Choose Your Program Options!

Timberline Ranch wants every camper to enjoy their experience, and that’s why we’re tailoring options according to their unique tastes!

Kick-Off Camps (set program, no options)

These three-day, two-night camps are ideal for first-time campers, for families with a little less to spend, and for those who are looking for a shorter camp experience.

For these camps, the program is set so that everyone tries a few of our most popular activities, so you don’t have to worry about what option to choose.

Week-Long Camps (program options and CYOA)

These camps allow campers to personalize their experiences a little more. First, there are options to choose from before you come to camp, and second, each day during camp, the last activity block is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” (CYOA) block, where certain activities are available to choose from.

Here are the Program Options for week-long camps:

  1. Western Lessons (base+$50)
    • This option has the most riding and horse activities of any of our summer options. Highlights include four group riding lessons, at least one trail ride, other horse activities, and some of the regular camp activities.
  2. Trails Galore (base+$30)
    • For those who love horses but want more of the other activities as well, this option includes at least three trail rides, other horse activities, plus the most popular regular camp activities.
  3. Super Mix (base+$15)
    • For the camper who simply wants it all, this option includes two trail rides and a fantastic variety of the other activities.
  4. Adventure Plus (base price)
    • If you love being outside and active but are not into horses, this option is for you. It includes a massive number of amazing activities around the Ranch, especially the more adventurous ones!

* Please note that these are the intended schedules of activities, but not a guarantee. Weather conditions and other circumstances may come up to require minor changes as deemed necessary. CYOA options may change from day to day and camp to camp.

Campers on a trail ride

Camper rapelling