What to Bring to Camp (Summer, 2021)

If you have already signed up for a summer camp, you will be receiving an email from Timberline informing you what to bring along. In case you miss the email, or want to know ahead of time, this page also provides that information.

What should campers bring?

Here’s what you should bring with you to camp. Please label all items with your name, and ensure you are prepared for both warm and cool temperatures.

  • bathing suit and swimming towel
  • plastic bag for wet towels, swimsuits, or clothes
  • rain gear (jacket and boots)
  • a change of clothes
  • long pants and closed-toe shoes for horseback riding
  • everyday dry shoes (runners)
  • hat (protection from sun)
  • sunscreen
  • insect repellent (non-aerosol)
  • *** water bottle (we will no longer be providing disposable cups)
  • Bible – optional

What should campers NOT bring?

We ask that parents make sure the following items are not brought to camp with your camper. Each year there are at least a couple of campers who choose to bring cell phones or expensive cameras and, inevitably, at the end of the week they are not able to find them.

Please understand that many of these things are for the safety of all campers, and that items with value can get lost or stolen. We will ask campers to hand in any of the following items if they bring them, and we will return them at the end of the week (assuming they are legal items for the camper to have):

  • money
  • electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, handheld game systems, etc.)
  • digital cameras or video devices (non-digital cameras are allowed)
  • indecent or revealing clothing or bikinis (modest two-piece is ok)
  • skateboards or bikes
  • knives or weapons of any sort
  • gum
  • any kind of food or candy (since many people have serious food allergies)
  • cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol (smoking is not permitted at summer camp)