The Herd

We want to ensure these safe, calm, and gentle horses can stay together, and you can help!

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Age: 23
Breed: Belgian Quarter Horse Gelding

Archie is one of our vaulting horses, as he is a very reliable fellow. His facial marking of a large blaze with two circles inside makes him distinguishable from his half-brother Jigsaw. His buddy is Splash and the two are quite a cute pair; as he is one of our largest horses and she is one of the smallest horses.


Age: 13
Breed: Quarter Horse Dun Mare

Arizona is one of our rodeo drill team horses, however, she can also be used in lessons and on the trails for both beginners and more advanced riders. She is very versatile and can be used both English and Western. One of her favourite activities is jumping! Her buddy is Tetley.


Age: 20
Breed: Quarter Horse Paint Mare

Bailey appears to have eyeliner on, framing her bright blue eyes. She had more advanced training prior to coming to Timberline and can do some fancy footwork. She is a very loyal mare and loves her buddies Jaida and Dottie.


Age: 12
Breed: Quarter Horse Mare

Breeze is an SPCA rescue who loves going on trail rides. She is the mother of our youngest horse Rio. Her buddies are Nova and Rio.


Age: 25
Breed: Arabian Mare

Buttons is great for beginners but has the training for advanced riders as well. She is one of our year round barefoot horses because of her strong hooves. She is inseparable from her best friend Dixie, and the two will wait for each other so they can be run out together.


Age: 21
Breed: Appaloosa Mare

Cabela is one of our rodeo drill team horses, but can also be used in lessons and on trail rides. She is a quiet calm lead horse for trail rides. Cabela likes to keep to herself but when she wants to hang out with a buddy it is Tivio.


Age: 20
Breed: Morgan Quarter Horse Gelding

Caspian loves any form of affection, in particular cuddles! He is an all-around horse as he is one of our rodeo drill team horses, and he also participates in both lessons and trail rides. His buddy is Dolly.


Age: 20
Breed: Quarter Horse Gelding

Chili is a very reliable horse and even our most timid campers can ride him. He has what is called parrot mouth which means he has an overbite. He does prefer to keep to himself and does not really have one particular buddy.


Age: 21
Breed: Quarter Horse Gelding

Diego is a kind hearted horse and riding him is a dream as he has such smooth gaits. He is a do anything kind of horse and participates in lessons, trail rides and as one of our rodeo drill team horses. His buddy is Spirit.


Age: 22
Breed: Paint Mare

Dixie loves trail rides, and doesn’t mind a bit of bush whacking. She has done some liberty work in her time at Timberline. Her buddies are Buttons and Rip.


Age: 17
Breed: Quarter Horse Mare

Dolly is a sweet mare that goes both English and Western. She loves to jump and is great at both trail rides and lessons. Her buddy is Caspian.


Age: 12
Breed: Paint Mare

Dottie has a lovely disposition and enjoys trail rides. She was previously trained to do tricks, such as back up when you pull her tail. She had a foal named Stitch in the spring of 2014. Her buddies are Jaida and Bailey.


Age: 19
Breed: Quarter Horse Gelding

Drifter is a talented gelding, and has done some liberty work in his time at Timberline. He was previously a vaulting horse at his old home. He has been used for lessons, trail rides, drill team and even pool noodle jousting! His buddies include Thor, Spirit and Mac, but he accepts any horse that comes his way.


Age: 19
Breed: Quarter Horse Mare

Gypsy is one of our rodeo drill team horses, who participates in both lessons and trail rides. She secretly loves scratches. She would eat an apple a day if it meant she never had to see the vet. Her buddies are Kenya and Willow.


Age: 20
Breed: Quarter Horse Mare

Hershey was previously a trail horse in Campbell Valley Park before coming to Timberline. She has a kind soul and takes care of our younger timid campers on trail rides. She is not a fan of bugs. Her buddies are Rip and Dixie.


Age: 22
Breed: Blanket Appaloosa Mare

Jaida is a very versatile horse and can be used in our rodeo drill team, lessons and trail rides. She has a very lofty lope and one may even say they feel like they are flying! Her buddies include Dottie and Bailey.


Age: 25
Breed: Clydesdale Quarter Horse Gelding

Jigsaw is at the top of the pecking order in our herd and is considered the alpha. He is Archie’s half-brother, and is distinguishable by less markings in his blaze. His buddies are Nelly, Zara and Prince.


Age: 21
Breed: Paint Mare
Kenya is the welcoming committee for all our new horses with her sweet disposition and carefree attitude. She has participated in our rodeo drill team, lessons and trail rides. Her buddies include Willow and Gypsy.


Age: 24
Breed: Bashkir Curly Horse Gelding

Mac is very forward and loves to go. He is hypoallergenic, so anyone with allergies can ride him. His buddies are Spirit and Drifter.


Age: 31
Breed: Belgian Paint Mare

Montana is Timberline’s oldest horse. She has done everything from vaulting to greeting our campers at the gate. She loves to be groomed and will do anything asked of her. Her buddy is Mora.


Age: 22
Breed: Halflinger Mare

Mora enjoys a good game of hoof ball. She is very reliable on the trails, but may stop for grass along the way as she loves food. Her buddy is Montana.


Age: 12
Breed: Fjord Cross Mare

Nelly has a big personality and is full of spunk! She is a great lead horse on trail rides and likes to keep you on your toes. She knows how to untie a quick release knot and set herself free and takes pride in teaching other horses to do the same. Her buddy is Jigsaw.


Age: 8
Breed: Friesian Sport Horse Mare

Nova previously did dressage prior to coming to Timberline. She is majestic with her flowing mane and tail. She is a steady and reliable trail horse. Her buddies are Breeze and Snowball.


Age: 19
Breed: Quarter Horse Cross Mare

Penny is great with kids and knows how to care for the littlest campers. She loves mashes and knows when to come in for them. Her buddy is Wicker.


Age: 21
Breed: Quarter Horse Gelding

Prince is a great all around horse and can participate in rodeo drill team, lessons and trail rides. He loves to herd other horses. His buddies are Steve and Misty.


Age: 6
Breed: Quarter Horse Gelding

Rio is another one of our SPCA rescues and is the baby of our herd. He is willing to try everything and can even be roped off of. He loves cuddles and his mom Breeze.


Age: 27
Breed: Quarter Horse Gelding

Rip has been used for our rodeo drill team, lessons, trail rides, and pool noodle jousting. He is great with beginners and has a lot of go for advanced riders. His buddy is Dixie.


Age: 13
Breed: Rocky Mountain Mare

Sahara loves any form of affection but especially cuddles. If she had her choice she would rather be with people than horses. She is a gaited horse. Her buddy is Snowball.


Age: 14
Breed: Appendix Mare

Silver enjoys having a job, as she gets bored easily. She participates in rodeo drill team, lessons, trail rides and hoof ball. She loves to jump. Her buddy is Wicker.


Age: 23
Breed: Percheron Quarter Horse Gelding

Snowball loves a good trail ride. You will always know where Snowball has been as he leaves a trail of white behind him. His buddy is Sahara, and the two are often found grooming each other.


Age: 18
Breed: Arabian Gelding

Spirit loves to play and participates in rodeo drill team, lessons, trail rides and hoof ball. His buddies are Thor, Drifter and Diego.


Age: 11
Breed: Quarter Horse Mare

Splash is a large horse stuck in a small body. You can’t help but sing “Splish, splash, I was taking a bath . . .” when around her. Her buddies are Archie and Diego.


Age: 23
Breed: Cayuse Quarter Horse Gelding

Steve is very popular among the mares of the herd. He is one of our more vocal horses. He is protective of his buddy Misty.


Age: 13
Breed: Standardbred Mare

Tetley used to be a harness racing horse prior to coming to Timberline. She enjoys having a job to do so she doesn’t have to stand still. Her buddies are Misty and Steve.


Age: 19
Breed: Norwegian Fjord Gelding

Thor used to be a packing horse prior to coming to Timberline. He is our day camp vaulting horse as he is great with the little kids. He loves being groomed and has a Mohawk in the summer months. His buddy is Drifter.


Age: 13
Breed: Paint Gelding

Tivio is usually only ridden by wranglers as he is a more advanced horse. His favourite activity is running and he loves setting the pace. He usually keeps to himself but when he wants to hang out, Cabela is his first choice.


Age: 16
Breed: Paint Arabian Cross Mare

Twist is an all-star! We can put the smallest, most timid child on her, but she is also advanced enough for experienced riders to have some fun. She is a great all-around horse and can do drill team, lessons, trail ride, hoof ball and jumping. Her buddies are Rio and Breeze.


Age: 10
Breed: Appaloosa Mare

Wicker has the biggest personality of all our horses. She loves affection and will do anything for treats. She loves to play and enjoys liberty work. Her buddies are Silver and Penny.


Age: 17
Breed: Quarter Horse Mare

Willow is a great trail horse and enjoys taking herself for walks. She previously worked on a ranch in the Interior. You have to earn her trust. Her buddies are Kenya and Gypsy.


Age: 13
Breed: Paint Mare

Zara loves to cuddle and can do both trail rides and lessons. She has one blue eye and one brown eye. Her buddies are Jigsaw, Dottie and Dixie.